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Flypaper Motel

Jim Jackson

Leonard Cohen meets Muddy Waters on the vast Canadian prairies. Up close guitars and lonesome harmonica caress these blues and ballads of love, joy, loss and nostalgia. The music you listen to driving the plains highways alone. 

No added sugar.


The Cowichan Series

Jim Jackson & Josephine LoRe

Through these poems and music inspired by the raw beauty of Vancouver Island, explore the bones of this old land. Lyrical, loving and linked intrinsically to the spirit of Cowichan, these tracks will invoke that spirit in you wherever you are.


Jim Jackson - I Left a Woman Waiting Blues

Josephine LoRe & Jim Jackson - This Town That

Jim Jackson - Midnight at the Lido

Jim Jackson - Sunset of the Night We Met

Jim Jackson - The Far Side

Jim Jackson - You Didn't Say that We Could Lie

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