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Prairie Soul Press (formerly Kouros Publications) stands for truth, community and story. We look to find and promote authors from the Canadian Prairies and elsewhere whose work speaks truth through a captivating story and who are plugged into their local writing communities.


We publish multiple genres, but focus on works dealing with mythology, cultural exploration and the craft of writing.

Prairie Soul Press


Prairie Witch

Would the contents of your bookshelf get you burned as a witch in the past? Throughout history, women accused of being witches and put to death by burning, stoning, hanging, or drowning were women who were smart, educated, healers, single, widowed, old, overly social, confident, too beautiful, too ugly, sexual, subversive, and deviant. Witches have been most often portrayed as evil, living solitary lives in the forest, eating children, and communing with the devil. But in recent years, women have been reclaiming the word "witch" to symbolize female empowerment. This excites us very much and makes us wonder what stories about witches and the Canadian Prairies could be told!

Edited by StaceyKondla

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Prairie Gothic

It’s scarier when it can’t hide from you.

That’s the idea behind Prairie Gothic, the new anthology of psychological and supernatural horror from Prairie Soul Press. Gothic tales, set in decaying, abandoned settings and characters with dark secrets mingle on the high Canadian Prairies. 


Something wicked this way comes ...

Edited by StaceyKondla

really good story - cover.jpg

How to Tell a Really Good Story about Absolutely Anything in 4 Easy Steps

You want to get your spouse to stop leaving his socks on the floor, and nagging isn’t working. You want to get your staff to start using the new expense form, but the memo was ignored. How do you get to where you need to be?

Jim Jackson

cowichan book cover.png

The Cowichan Series:

poems + photographs + music

Through these poems inspired by the raw beauty of Vancouver Island, explore the bones of this old land. Lyrical, loving and linked intrinsically to the spirit of Cowichan, these poems will invoke that spirit in you wherever you are.

Josephine LoRe



A series of poems inspired by and invoking a vast array of pop and rock songs.

noun from the root ‘riff’ [1930s: perhaps an abbreviation of refrain]


bob rj canuel

cockroach queen cover.png

Kiss of the Cockroach Queen:

a King Wong adventure

Fantasy noir and old-style pulp explode in Hong Kong's seedy, mystical underbelly​

A truly well-written, well-crafted novel with something dangerous around every corner.

- Jonas Saul, Author of the Sara Roberts series

Jim Jackson

bones by breakfast front cover FINAL.PNG

Bones by Breakfast:

a King Wong adventure

Fantasy noir and old-style pulp explode in Hong Kong's seedy, mystical underbelly!

King Wong, the world’s only exoterric consultant and expert on the Otherkind, is tracking down ancient, mystical elements with the help of a sassy woman of the night and whatever allies he can muster from the mists of Chinese myth.

Jim Jackson

guru girl gambit cover.png

The Guru Girl Gambit:
a King Wong adventure

King Wong's most dangerous case yet!

A gang of Korean mythical beasts who take their bodies from cast-off belongings move into the streets of Hong Kong just as people are in the thrall of a decluttering guru who's convincing everyone to cast-off their belongings.

From the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui to the sewers under Kowloon Walled City to the Jade Palace of the Celestial Emperor himself, this thrill ride promises a few laughs between shivers and shudders.

Jim Jackson

STONES cover KDP.jpg

Stones in My Passway

A folklore-laden, bluesy trip to the devil's crossroads with bluenotes and hellhounds tripping behind the beat.

Stones in My Passway – like the blues it was born of – is a harrowing transcendental journey. Sometimes sexy, sometimes comical, sometimes heart-rending – always enjoyable.

Jim Jackson


Jim Jackson interviews Jim Jackson

Josephine LoRe reads "Geographies"

Jim Jackson talks about storytelling

authors & illustrators
authors & illustrators
jim jackson - bio.jpg

Jim Jackson

author – speaker – gentleman

Jim Jackson is a Calgary Herald bestselling author, vintage leather jacket enthusiast and dabbler in the dark arts of blues music. Jim’s mission is to show how the stories we all grew up with – the heroes, the monsters, the adventures – are still solid, muscular realities that shape our lives.

He’s the creator of the storytelling guides How to Tell a Really Good Story about Absolutely Anything in 4 Easy Steps and Elemental Tales, a handful of pulp mythology books and the blues record Flypaper Motel


Josephine LoRe

... a pearl in this diamond world

Initially an open mic poet, Josephine LoRe's words have now been published in Canada, the United States, England and Japan, shared on YouTube, interpreted through American Sign Language, painted and even danced on the stage!


Janice Blaine

Janice Blaine is an Aurora-nominated artist working out of Calgary. Throughout her career, she has worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from pre-production animation to design & illustration of children’s books. She is co-editor and illustrator of the Aurora-nominated Urban Green Man short fiction anthology, and her illustrations have appeared on the covers of numerous magazines and books.


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