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the Alberta Artists notebooks series


The Alberta Artists notebooks series pairs gorgeous paintings from 2 wonderful Alberta artists with these elegant, 100-page notes. Perfect for a purse or pocket!

Janice Blaine

Janice Blaine

The Path to Englightenment

awake within the mind
follow the path you choose
glow in your enlightenment

Rising Star

walk with grace

feel your inner power

roar with pride

RS cover thumb.jpg

A Spark of Knowledge

knowledge always grows

with wisdom in the wind

talent in the mind

SoK cover thumb.jpg
Nikolette Jones

Nikolette Jones


The weight of the world on his back …
But with it, he brings peace, wisdom,

and strength

albert cover thumb.png

Writers' Tears

A blank sheet
Patiently waiting
For words to give it life

WT cover thumb.jpg


Vibrant wilted scarlet
Beautiful but treacherous,
Crimson sentries

poppies cover thumb.jpg
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